4 Best Uses of QR Codes for Skydiving Schools

4 Best Uses of QR Codes for Skydiving Schools

Skydiving is one of the biggest extreme sports out there. To the pros, the high is indescribable, and they constantly remind us of the thrill in their social media posts. This is enough to persuade more people to try it at least once in their lives.

Skydiving schools can make full use of an advanced QR code generator online to promote their programs. They can use it to embed different ad contents like videos, website URLs, social media profiles, and many more.

Dive in to see the best use-cases of QR codes in skydiving and learn how you can use QR codes to boost your skydiving school marketing.

How to use QR codes in skydiving schools

Straightforward reservation

Your clients can get a reservation easily by using QR codes. Post this on your website and social media so you have a more straightforward way of booking slots for those interested.

You can also place these QR codes on offline media such as pamphlets, brochures, and posters with a suggestive call to action like “Scan to make a reservation.”

Offering a QR code reservation system will make your business more appealing to clients. Because of this, they can save time and money by avoiding long queues or waiting for a call or email back.

Boost your social media

Now that everything is happening online, having a social media presence will definitely increase your number of engagements and potential clients.

Including a social media QR code in your office window or offline posters will direct the scanner to all your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and so on.

By increasing your online base, you will effectively reach those who are curious about skydiving and entice them even more.

You can share snaps and recent activities online to help your target audience know about your business.

Direct customers to your website


Maintain your market advantage by leveraging the fact that there are more than five billion unique smartphone users worldwide.

Since many modern smartphones include a built-in QR code reader, QR codes are a useful digital tool for any type of industry.

Use a URL QR code to increase your web traffic. When scanned, customers will be directed to your website without the trouble of copying and pasting links on browsers.

This QR code can be simply generated using the best QR code generator available online. It offers a more efficient, secure, and streamlined link monitoring and dissemination method.

Interactive video sharing

QR codes help you connect your business to people. You can instantly share skydiving activities without the hassle of searching for a specific video on YouTube.

You can use a video QR code embedded with a link to a YouTube video or other video formats sharing your team’s unique experiences up in the air.

Including a video with the basics of skydiving or the Do’s and Don’ts will give your target audience a sneak peek at how fun it would be to actually try it.

Skydivers test the biggest QR code made out of soccer balls

One of the world’s largest QR codes was made entirely from soccer balls. Skydivers were instructed to scan the two-dimensional codes with their iPhones while in freefall to test the code.

8 people dressed in black and white laid down the code on the soccer pitch to promote the match between Ireland and Estonia.

Skydivers jumped above Aviva Stadium and dropped at roughly 130 miles per hour. The divers used the code to place the first mobile bet, resulting in a €500 donation to charity.

Over 2,000 soccer balls were needed to complete the code, the utilization of a helicopter, and a large amount of precise organization and coordination.

This was accomplished by Betfair, a company that has previously made waves for using QR codes in unusual ways, such as shaving them into soccer players’ skulls.

Due to their adaptability, QR codes can be used for nearly any purpose with only a quick scan. This code allows for a wide variety of content to be presented to customers, enlightening, educating, and entertaining them.

QR codes are a cutting-edge, practical, and aesthetically pleasing marketing strategy. Ensure your data is safe and use a QR code generator with logo software with ISO 27001 certification.

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