7 best tips to win big at the blackjack game

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Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino and the online gaming scene. The thrill it gives to the players, coupled with the easy rules, makes it an addictive game to play.

If you’re one of the many blackjack players who want to enjoy and profit at the same time, we have compiled a few strategies that could allow you to win big on your next game. Take a look at these seven strategies to make a bang for your bucks.

Never split 10’s

Beginners may be tempted to split tens all the time because they can make a blackjack or at the very least have two high finishing hands. Though it is possible, you should never split tens.

Bear in mind that a hand of tens has one of the best chances of winning, so splitting it and risking split hands makes no sense. Nonetheless, splitting tens can be considered a money-losing strategy in most cases.

Learn the rules of the game

Many newbies and more experienced ones make the classic mistake of overlooking the rule sheets. Furthermore, whether you are playing blackjack online or inside the casino, a simple mistake such as taking the rules for granted can cost you to lose the game.

While there are many types of blackjack games available, there are also minor variations and tweaks to the gameplay rules. For example, European blackjack differs from American blackjack gameplay; the dealer gets only one card at the start, while in the latter, the dealer gets both cards from the get-go.

Choose a table to double down

While some casinos will only let you double down if you have a 10 or 11, others will let you double down on any two cards. Following that rule can aid you in decreasing the house edge.

Moreover, in the game, when you have the option to double down, you can increase the value of your initial wager by up to 100%.Also, the double downs will increase your bankroll if you  play this game correctly. Thus, it is important to make sure you have a solid strategy to minimize the house edge.

Keep your eyes on the game

When playing blackjack, an important thing to remember is to always focus on what’s happening at the table. A single mistake of looking away can allow you to lose and miss details that can help you win the game.

Besides, if you are in the right headspace and are determined to win, you must place your attention on the table and the cards. Therefore, a game such as a blackjack requires the player to have a sharp mind to calculate the next best move to make.

Have a basic strategy

The best move to make is always having a basic strategy and following through with it. If you wish to learn and be better at the game, it is best to learn how to play each hand with the best chances to win in mind. Since to be at the top of the game, one must be able to strategize and know what hands to play.

Thus, the entire point of selecting the best strategy is to obtain the best winning odds available at the time. It is about gaining maximum winning chances while minimizing the losses in every scenario you might encounter in your gambling journey.

Set a betting limit

Keep in mind that blackjack can either win you money or lose you a ton of money. Although raising your bets in this game is good to win more, that isn’t what you should do when you are down bad. Since the money you are bringing to the table is the one you’ve probably worked hard for.

Undoubtedly, the best thing to do is play smart and know your betting limit. Besides, you can only truly enjoy and have fun if you are comfortable with the stakes you’re betting. Hence, allowing yourself to raise your stakes gradually should only be done once your bankroll has grown. Placing a too big bet for you can hurt your bank account and your blackjack career.

Avoid taking insurance

In most, if not all, online blackjack games, the dealer offers blackjack insurance. So, for instance, if the dealer’s up-card is an ace, the player can place a side bet on blackjack insurance to protect against the dealer’s hand being ‘blackjack.’

Although it does sound very enticing, getting insurance is not good for you, especially in the long term. Thus, you should beware of this since the insurance bet is a money-sucking option designed to perplex beginner players.

Final thoughts

Blackjack is certainly a thrilling game to play, but it is only when you gain the upper hand between you and the dealer. To have a fantastic experience at the blackjack table, follow the strategic tips we’ve shared. Play hard and play smart.

Story by Caleigh Martin

7 best tips to win big at the blackjack game

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