Google Seek Console API Prolong To Be Mounted In Days

Google has showed a prolong with the Google Seek Console API being slightly extra not on time than commonplace. Daniel Waisberg from Google stated the “prolong used to be brought about by way of processing problems, and will have to be again to commonplace in the following few days.”

As well as, this prolong best “affected best complete information,” he added, so the recent information will have to float in most cases throughout the API with out factor.

The prolong isn’t huge, it sort of feels just like the prolong is an extra couple of days than the traditional two-day prolong.

This factor used to be first reported by way of Damián Taubaso a couple of days in the past with this put up on Twitter:

Daniel answered the day before today that this is a matter and the problem will probably be resolved quickly:

So in case you are noticing a prolong with the Seek Console information you pull from the API, you aren’t loopy. Neatly, you may well be loopy however you aren’t loopy pondering the information is gradual, this is a showed malicious program.

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