Native IOT Cat Deal with Dispenser

[MostElectronics], like many people, loves cats, and so sought after to make an web hooked up deal with dispenser for his or her maximum loved. The result’s an inventive three-D revealed mechanism hooked up to a Raspberry Pi that’s in a position to serve treats thru a in the neighborhood run internet utility.

The inside of a 3d printed cat treat dispenser, showing the different compartments, shaft and wires running out the back.

From the device facet, the Raspberry Pi makes use of a RESTful API that one can hook up with thru a static IP. The API is carried out as a Python Flask utility working beneath a stand by myself internet server Python script. The internet utility itself helps to keep observe of the selection of treats left and offers a easy interface to dispense treats on the operators recreational. The RpiMotorLib Python library is used to keep an eye on a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor thru its ULN2003 controller module, which is used to rotate the interior shaft of the deal with dispenser.

The mechanism to dispense treats is a stacked, compartmentalized drum, with two drum layers for meals compartments that flip to drop treats. The ground drum dispenses treats thru a chute hooked up to the tray for the cat, leaving an empty compartment that the highest drum can refill by means of losing its treats into thru a staggered opening. Each and every compartmentalized deal with drum layer supplies 11 treats, making an allowance for a complete of twenty-two treats with two layers stacked on best of one another. One may consider extending the deal with dispenser to incorporate extra drum layers by means of including much more layers.

Supply code is to be had on GitHub and the STL recordsdata for the dispenser are to be had on Thingiverse. We’ve noticed cat digital feeders ahead of, on occasion with escalating penalties that shake us to our core and depart us wondering our superiority.

Video after the ruin!

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