ONSTON Expands Partnership with Roark Fund to Build Secure ONSTON Metaverse

HONG KONG, Feb. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ONSTON, a cryptocurrency project providing a virtual reality metaverse ecosystem using blockchain technology, announces its partnership with Roark Fund, an accelerator, and a world-leading investment fund, to secure the future of ONSTON metaverse.

ONSTON is a cryptocurrency project that aims to become a decentralized multi-metaverse that takes a role as a gateway for all the other metaverses to freely enter and connect with each other. Based on the multi-metaverse ecosystem, ONSTON provides a virtual world where users can enjoy various gaming experiences and engage in economic activities with NFT Object and 3D avatars.

The project team is currently building a game, economy, culture, and communication platform on the ONSTON metaverse by utilizing VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and facial recognition to provide the platform where users can fully enjoy the service.

The partnership will help enable a secure, and privacy-enabled ONSTON metaverse experience with implementing gaming, museum, shopping, and NFT into the meta world. Users, participating in the ONSTON metaverse, get the benefits of receiving project tokens through various activities and using them within ONSTON metaverse.

ONSTON and Roark Fund shared a mutual vision through this partnership, based on their successful joint projects together, which is to enable faster and safer adoption of ONSTON multi-metaverse ecosystem across the world.

About Roark Fund

Roark Fund was established in 2017, Roark aim to incubate and accelerate the early-stage companies in the blockchain industry and to build a healthy and promising open financial system.

Roark has the largest crypto communities in South Korea and China. Roark have partnered with South Korean and Chinese top-tier exchanges, venture capitals, Research institutions, and cross-border incubators. Roark invested over forty projects and incubated over ten projects onto top-tier exchanges around the world.

Roark Fund partners are all crypto and financial industry veterans and their managing partner have more than fifteen years of well-known private equity fund experience and entrepreneurial experience. The representative portfolios of Roark include IOST, BYBIT, IOTEX.

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Telephone: +82 10-4189-7357

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