Rubber Stamping Your Means To Customized PCBs

Many people now outsource PCB manufacturing to board properties in a foreign country, which provide top of the range forums with more and more spectacular turnaround occasions. You could nonetheless brew up your individual PCB, even though, and a reader discovered this nice previous hack from [William Hare] that may well be price a glance.

Omit toner switch or marker pens — this construct is all about velocity. [William] made up our minds to make use of a rubber stamp to briefly switch ink to a copper board that may then be etched to supply a PCB. It’s easy and easy sufficient. We’ve used the similar method for silkscreen and pad artwork, however by no means as an etch withstand.

The trick is to make a number of rubber stamps with other circuit components, even though. The genius section is that you’ll then bring together a PCB via merely stamping down the quite a lot of circuit parts you wish to have. The forums will nonetheless wish to be drilled when you’re running with through-hole portions, however tipster [Shri] notes that the method is tremendous helpful for generating single-sided floor mount forums.

We’ve noticed every other distinctive learn how to generating PCBs at house, reminiscent of the usage of a 3-d printer to lend a hand out. In the event you’ve were given your individual cutting edge homebrew PCB hacks, you should definitely drop us a line!

Thank you [Shri Hari Ram] for the end!

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