Scalable WordPress Hosting Platform Convesio Raises $5M Funding

The investment will enable Convesio to accelerate development of its unique Docker-based solution.

NAPLES, FL – February 22, 2022 – The round of funding was secured from a select group of private investors and follows Convesio’s crowdfunding round in 2019, which raised over $1M from 800+ individual investors.


The decision to invest stemmed from Convesio’s achievements over the past two years and a recognition that the platform’s capabilities address scaling challenges most providers in the market don’t have a solution for.

Funding will allow Convesio to accelerate development, grow headcount and boost sales and marketing activities.

Scaling WordPress has never been simpler

The release of the third version of the platform last year represented the culmination of over three years of R & D and delivered Convesio’s original promise: to make Enterprise-grade WordPress hosting available to everyone.

Convesio leverages Docker container technology to offer both vertical and horizontal scalability, which is typically achieved via complex and costly VPS designs and implementations. Convesio allows anyone to deploy a highly-scalable WordPress website in minutes via an easy to use dashboard.

Customers can configure auto scaling by setting the minimum and maximum number of containers for their website to run on. Convesio will deploy and remove additional ones automatically depending on the required resources, with a load balancer sharing traffic evenly across each. More advanced users can set custom threshold values that trigger scaling events. These are based on different combinations of CPU, Memory and PHP Worker usage.

Performance at scale

Convesio was architected to deliver a consistently fast experience irrespective of the load, and solves business-critical challenges of scaling WordPress.

eCommerce – handling expected or unexpected surges in traffic, whether it’s a Black Friday type of event, a flash sale or a campaign gone viral. Convesio keeps WooCommerce running fast at all times.

eLearning – where an LMS needs additional grunt as large numbers of users sign up, login and request content, but only on certain days and times of the day. Only paying for extra capacity when it’s needed.

Virtual Events –  Convesio automatically scales resources as attendees join and leave live events, whether there are hundreds or thousands participants at any one given time.

Online publications – Convesio helps the UX of high-traffic publications and media sites stay consistently fast for both website visitors and the editorial staff drafting, editing and publishing content in WordPress Admin.

Scales ups and larger businesses – Requiring a solid foundation to future-proof their hosting requirements on.

Convesio delivers peace of mind too, as Vito Peleg of the Atarim Web Agency Summit can attest:

Running the biggest virtual summit in the WordPress space was a challenge! When we held our first event the system even crashed on the first day, as we were not expecting so many people to join. We learnt our lesson for the next event and Convesio’s team helped us set things up right from the get go and the whole thing, start to finish ran extremely smooth, with 2x the requests we had the year before.

Convesio was able to handle 2M+ requests to 6K visitors from 91 countries in two days without a glitch and Vito was able to focus 100% on running the event.

Scaling down costs

By productizing scalability and offering it  ‘at the click of a button’, Convesio customers are able to save a significant amount of money compared to its direct competitors – Enterprise WordPress hosts, or Big Cloud providers such as AWS and Google Cloud – that offer solutions costing tens of thousands of dollars in set up, administration and annual maintenance.

There is no need to plan for maximum capacity needed. Customers only pay for extra resources when they are needed, even if it’s a couple of hours a month.

A new benchmark for the industry

Convesio’s container-based WordPress hosting platform represents the type of innovation that helps the WordPress economy thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

By solving WordPress scalability challenges Convesio empowers growing businesses with the same fire-power as competitors many times their size, an outcome that is closely aligned with WordPress’ own mission to democratize publishing.

The $5M investment will allow Convesio to accelerate development and grow faster, providing more resources and tools to its customers to do the same.


About Convesio

Convesio was founded in 2018 to provide businesses and agencies a platform for hosting scalable, secure WordPress sites without the complexity of traditional cloud providers.

Convesio uses Docker technology that offers a number of advantages over the traditional VPS stack. Docker containers are leaner, more portable and less dependent on hardware, which is why the likes of Spotify, Netflix and Lyft use them for faster and more efficient delivery of their applications.

Thanks to containerization, Convesio is able to achieve true elastic scaling, both vertically and horizontally. This means that during scaling events new instances of WordPress can be deployed on different servers and not limited by hardware capacity.

Convesio’s innovative platform is complemented by a team of developers and engineers with many years of experience in scaling WordPress.

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