WhatsApp Premium Will Let Business Accounts Create Custom Links

WhatsApp was last month spotted working on a subscription feature that would allow Business users to link additional devices to their accounts. While free users can link a maximum of four devices, the optional subscription service would let businesses use the same WhatsApp account on up to ten devices. They can also assign a unique name to each device for easier identification. The folks over at WABetaInfo have now confirmed that these features will be part of WhatsApp Premium. And as expected, the company will offer more exclusive features to Premium users, including the ability to create custom links to their accounts.

WhatsApp Business users can already create unique links that take people to their WhatsApp accounts. But with Premium, the links would follow the wa.me/<business-name>” format. These kinds of links would be ideal to include on your website or share on social media as they include your business name. It’d instill more trust in users to click or tap on the link.

According to the new report, WhatsApp will allow businesses to change their custom links every 90 days. But if you’re a Business user, you might not want to alter the unique link too much. Having your business name in the link would make it easier for your customers to memorize it. If you change the link frequently, you may make things more difficult for your customers.

WhatsApp may soon re-introduce a subscription service

WhatsApp has been a completely free messaging service for everyone since 2016. But before that, it charged a $1 annual subscription fee or a download fee of the same amount to iOS users. Since scrapping that in 2016, the company has introduced tons of new features and improved the functionality of the app. Today, WhatsApp not only serves as a messaging service but also offers mobile payment and business services.

The Meta-owned platform is now looking to make some money off business users with an optional Premium subscription. The feature is currently in development for Android and iOS mobile apps as well as the Desktop version. It should roll out in the coming months.

Along with extended multi-device support and the ability to create custom links, Premium users may also get more exclusive features. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know the pricing structure of WhatsApp Premium. Perhaps it will introduce multiple subscription tiers with additional features hidden behind a higher price tier. But a free tier of WhatsApp Business should not go away. We will let you know as and when we have more information.

WhatsApp Premium custom link business

WhatsApp Premium Will Let Business Accounts Create Custom Links

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